Twitter Blue with ad-free option for those who pay more is in development, says Musk

Twitter Blue with ad-free option for those who pay more is in development, says Musk

Twitter Blue with ad-free option for those who pay more is in development, says Musk

An even more expensive Twitter Blue subscription tier could be heading our way, according to a CEO Elon Musk’s Saturday Tweet(opens in a new window). Musk says he and his already small operational team are working on plans to introduce a “higher price” subscription for Twitter Blue users that allows “zero ads”.

The full details of this new Twitter Blue tier are largely unknown, as the only information about the tier comes directly from Musk’s tweet. Twitter did not immediately respond to Mashable’s request for comment. In theory, Musk is serious about an ad-free level coming to Twitter, but Musk also stated in court this week(opens in a new window) that just because he tweets something, “doesn’t mean people believe it or will act on it”. So who knows whether we should believe him or not?


Twitter blocked third-party clients citing old rules. Then silently added new rules.

Since it now represents Twitter Blue users, the current $7.99 per month subscription promises 50% fewer ads, a feature that has yet to be released. The features that do exist, however, include a blue “verified” checkmark, the ability to edit and undo tweets, a read mode for long threads, and prioritized sorting in conversations. Other promised features coming to the platform include “Coins” to reward creators (à la TikTok) and the ability to make the polarized view count feature optional.

Musk’s desire to offer an ad-free experience on Twitter is due in part to what he claims are frequent and large ads that take over the platform. This announcement comes just a week after a Wall Street Journal report(opens in a new window) found that Twitter was willing to offer advertisers up to $250,000 in a desperate plea to get ad buyers to come back. In the same thread, Musk also claims that a creator fund is in the works to encourage content creators to stay on Twitter.

Musk’s tweet comes days after Twitter suddenly stopped supporting third-party customers who previously had access to the platform, and the two events may be related. According to Verge(opens in a new window), Twitter does not earn ad revenue when its API is used through third-party clients, meaning that Musk was likely seeking more ad revenue by snubbing these third-party developers. Also by Verge(opens in a new window)the extra expensive paid tier could be understood as another response to Twitter’s growing financial difficulties – Musk simply needs users to give Twitter more money.

The Twitter drama never seems to stop, does it? But maybe an expensive, ad-free version will ease the pain.

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