Marvel’s Avengers will be retired in September as support dwindles

Marvel’s Avengers will be retired in September as support dwindles

Marvel’s Avengers will be retired in September as support dwindles

Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that it will stop working on marvel’s avengerswith the final significant update arriving on March 31st, before official customer support ends on September 30th.

In a blog post on the game’s website, Crystal Dynamics says that the “decision was made in conjunction with our partners that now was the right time to make this change” and that “no new story, features or heroes will be added to the game. game” going forward. It added that Spider-Man will remain a PlayStation exclusive character. Thankfully, the post also confirms that both single-player and multiplayer will still be available to play in marvel’s avengers after September 30th. Update 2.8, which will be released on March 31st, will disable purchasing credits and convert remaining credit balances into in-game resources for players, along with a few other balance updates. However, there will be no refunds for players who have spent money on the game.

The credit balance conversion table for Marvel's Avengers Final Update.

As you’d expect with an update like this, the developers are also making content previously available only through a paywall free to players. This means that all Marketplace, Challenge Card, and Shipment cosmetics will be free for players to redeem after March 31st. marvel’s avengers still, you’ll need to do this by September 30th, as it will be removed from digital storefronts.

marvel’s avengers it was never able to gain a foothold despite the use of a great IP. Billed as the next big live service game ahead of its release, the game was plagued with issues upon its September 2020 release, and post-launch support was slow and riddled with delays. Rumors suggest that the team working on this game has gotten smaller and smaller as Crystal Dynamics has moved on to projects like tomb Raider and perfect darkso the game never got a chance to come back from a rough launch like Destiny or no man’s sky he did.

Ironically, even this closing announcement did not go smoothly, as the entire marvel’s avengers crashed when Crystal Dynamics tweeted a link to the news at 5:30 pm ET today. AN follow-up tweet from the game account says “high traffic” caused these issues.

marvel’s avengers is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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